Richland Co. PWX

We only recently took over the maintenance of the fire equipment owned by the County. Truthfully, we have struggled a bit because we did not have the proper lift equipment to enable us to efficiently perform maintenance and service work in the shop. The addition of the V-Rex has been the perfect solution for us, especially with the new lifting jack arrangement that was recently installed. We are very happy with the performance of the lift and look forward to many years of service. The entire purchase and installation was handled very professionally and efficiently by yourself and the installation team – and done in a timely way.

Bill Peters
County Fleet Manager
Office of Risk Management
Richland Co PWX
Columbia, SC

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Town of Summerville, SC

Our town garage needed some heavy duty lifts for our firetrucks especially and we looked at a variety of different models and brands but settled on the Rotary mobile lifts and their accompanying accessories of jack stands and truck adapters. The mobiles were solid and easy to transport and left us with free bay space when not using them.

Daniel Corbin
Fleet Operations Manager
Town of Summerville, SC

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